Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss - large

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Careful what you wish for...A King wished something else would rain down from the sky, and his wish comes true...what a mess!

Oobleck is a sticky gooey messy stuff. It's not a liquid or a solid!

Fun Fact: With two (ok 3 if you count the coloring) ingredients, you can make your own Oobleck.

It's actually a suspension - or a non-newtonian fluid. That means, depending on the pressure you apply, it will act like either a liquid OR a solid.  That's right! The kids (and you) will have a blast playing with this weird goo.

Make some with the kiddo's after reading Bartholomew and the Oobleck for a fun way to bring the rhymes to life.

All you need is: 1.5 cup cornstarch and 1 cup water (and tempura paint - not food prevent staining). It's not going to be easy to stir with a spoon, so you'll get your hands messy until it feels like the right consistency. Play with this on a surface you don't mind cleaning after. Definitely not on the carpet. Or the couch. Or the bed.

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