Hanging Animals - White Handed Gibbon

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Wild Republic Hanging 20" White Handed Gibbon Plush, The Product Is Made From High Quality Raw Materials, And Has Its Functions To Break Not Down Very Hard And The Product'S Duration Can Be Long If Handled Properly

Product Features​
  • We can take it is a “Gibbon" that you want to hang around this white-handed Gibbon stuffed animal
  • These lifelike stuffed animals are made of high-quality material and are surface washable in case you get the plush toy dirty
  • This plushie is approximately 29 inches when it is fully extended and uses a hook & loop
  • Whether you are a kid, teen, or an adult, these cute plushies will bring a new friend into your life that will always be by your side
  • Through these stuffed toys, you will be able to bring a wildlife atmosphere into your own home and everyday life
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