Super Lava Mega 1lb Tin

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Gigantic! There really is one FULL POUND of putty in these MEGA tins. 

When geothermal energy heats rock deep within the Earth, the molten result is called lava.

Lava takes many forms, but the most well known erupts from a volcano or fissure in the surface of a planet.
The color of lava depends on its temperature and will shift shades as it cools.  Bright orange gives way to crimson copper.  A dark, brownish red fades to black as the lava shifts from a liquid to solid.

Mega tins are great for families and you can do almost anything you can think of! 

Sculpt it, tear it, stretch it, bounce it! Made of Non-toxic silicone. Its is safe for anyone over the ages of 3 to play with.  And it never dries out!

WARNING! Choking hazard. contains small parts. DO NOT ingest, and keep off fabrics. 

Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty is manufactured with help of people, with special needs.

Order yours today! 

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