UNO - Mario Kart

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It's the classic UNO® card game everyone knows, now set in the crazy go-kart racing world of Mario Kart. Graphics from the game on every card make this unique pack a collectible for fans. 

It plays like classic UNO®, except every card has an ITEM icon in the corner (Mushroom, Banana Peel, Green Shell, Lightning, or Bomb). The ITEMS don't do anything during normal play. But when the wild Item Box Card is played, the player flips over the top card of the Draw Pile and immediately uses the ITEM on that card! Each ITEM has a different action. This pack makes a great gift for players 7 years and older, especially Mario Kart fans.

Exactly like the original game, nobody wins until one player yells "UNO!"

  • ​Includes an exclusive wild card only found in this collector's pack.
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