Charity Bear Jack & Lily

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Meet sibling Champion Bear duo Jack & Lily!

This bear is custom designed for 2018 Stollery Champion Children, Jack and Lily. Jack and Lily give new meaning to fight like brothers and sisters. This sibling duo share a rare genetic liver condition that can lead to loss of motor function, brain damage and ultimately death. Keeping their medical journey a family affair, their uncle was able to donate a portion of his liver to save Jack’s life. A few years later, the same uncle’s wife donated a part of her liver to save Lily. Jack and Lily have faced various complications throughout their journey and will need medication and check-ups for the rest of their lives. Enjoying life to the fullest, they keep each other positive as they fight for their health, together. 

Small size is approx, 12" in length and Large is approx, 17" in length.

*Please Note:  Small Bear does not fit the Bearwear

The LARGE Jack & Lily Bear, wears the SMALL size in BearWear

Read more about Jack & Lily's story here:

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