Bubble Stories

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  • CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE STYLE GAME: This original card game is based on the concept of an Escape game or a Pick a Path story book. This unique game develops observation, storytelling, speech, decision making, and strengthens memory skills. Easy to understand and play - no reading required.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Pick a pile of cards corresponding to a story: Pirate Island, Hide-and-seek at School or The Fairgrounds. Place your Starting card on the left and your Objective card all the way to the right. Lay down all cards, bubble side up, on the table. Looking at the scenery on the Starting card, pick the bubble featuring something or somewhere you want to explore. Then find the matching bubble amongst the cards on the table. Once you have it, flip it over next to your Starting card to start your storyboard.
  • On the new side, observe the new scenery and the bubbles to pick from. Select one bubble to explore and look for the matching card on the table. Flip it over and add it to your storyboard to continue the story. Feel free to tell your story out loud while hopping from bubble to bubble and continue creating your story this way. Along the way, collect Star cards matching your Objectives, and try to avoid Dead ends!
  • KID FRIENDLY: Bubble Stories is perfect to encourage storytelling with young children. It works well with 1 or 2 players and is perfect for ages 4+ to play independently. 3 years old can play with the help of an adult.
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