Dinosaurs - Future Genius

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Super fun and super cool, meet the creatures that ruled the Earth before humans! With over 50 exciting activities, from fill-in-the-blanks and word scrambles to spot-the-difference picture puzzles, drawing prompts, and so much more.

Future Genius: Dinosaurs is an action-packed learning adventure for kids. They'll learn all kinds of fascinating facts about dinosaurs - including how these creatures came to exist, what sounds they made, and what they looked like - and they'll discover the answers to tons of burning questions, like did dinosaurs have feathers or were they covered in scales, how big were they, and how did they evolve?

At the conclusion of each chapter are puzzles and activities to quiz children on what they learned! Also included are interactive QR codes to scan to view awesome videos. With this interactive and engaging activity book for kids, discover how these diverse reptiles lived and hunted in the sky, on land and in our planet's ancient waters.

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