Emergency Medicine: Compassion, Courage and Chaos - by Dale M. Baylis

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The discipline of medicine has been around since Hippocrates’ time. But the art and science of providing emergency care is constantly evolving, as shown by this book packed with the wisdom and experience Dale M. Bayliss has gleaned in his work as a paramedic and registered nurse. Emergency Medicine: Surviving the Chaos is his first-hand perspective of supplying medical interventions on the frontlines in Alberta, Canada, for four decades. Often one of the leaders on many situations willing to go the extra mile for anyone in need of medical care.


There are no golden rules, textbook answers, or magic bullets when it comes to saving a life. Instead, care, compassion, gut instinct, a deep and unwavering belief in team-work are Bayliss’s go-to solutions. With real-life examples of life-saving techniques, personal anecdotes, and sound advice, Emergency Medicine will give readers a newfound appreciation for the rigours of working in with emergency medicine from multiple perspectives.

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