happy faces only by Karen Klak

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happy faces only

the story of a little girl who lived

Our daughter, Haley, was born perfectly healthy, but her world and that of our family changed drastically 17 months later.  She became a patient, I became a medical mom, and our family embarked on a journey that was filled with medical twists and turns, incredible joys, and shattering sorrows.  Haley died at age 11, but most importantly, Haley truly lived.

In happy faces only, I invite you to follow our journey from beginning to end, focusing on the waves of the abundant middle.  This is a story of the evolution of our family, and the compassionate care and support that we all received from those expected to offer it, and from so many who were surprising participants in Haley’s life. It is at its core an unforgettable love story.





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