Get the ghost

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Are you brave enough to face the ghosts? Is a game of speed, skill and agility. You win by capturing the ghost that matches the face up card with your “magic flashlight”. You can only see the ghosts on the pads if you use the magic flashlights in the box. Who is the Best Ghost Hunter? IT COULD BE YOU! Family fun is guaranteed with Get the Ghost.

Age 4+ / 2-3 players / Skills stimulated: works memory, motivates you to do physical activity, stimulates reflexes. The box includes: 10 different cards, 10 different pads, 3 magic flashlights, instructions manual. It is certified ASTM, CE EN71 and RoHS. You can play in the dark or in a room with the lights dimmed.

MEMORY GAME: it is important to memorize not just the figure on the card, but also the position of the pads and the ghosts on them in the play area.

The most fun of all family games, It’s perfect for party games and sleepover.

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